“I want to invest responsibly, investing in opportunities which provide benefits to society at large, while also reducing the detrimental impact some investments might have.”

As we gain a greater understanding of how our actions affect the planet the concept of sustainability becomes more important and you may be looking at ways that you can help to make a real difference.

Sustainable investing is described as positive and inclusive. Managers of sustainable investment funds will seek companies that provide solutions to environmental and social issues and avoid those that create them. They believe that the companies that address these matters through innovation are more likely to succeed overtime. They will seek out companies that demonstrate a net benefit to society and have a values based investment not value based investment strategy. They believe that they should use their capital as a force for good.

Our investment proposition is based on those funds that embrace sustainable investing and we believe can deliver comparable returns to mainstream funds yet simultaneously achieving a force for good.

Our portfolio holds a number of different funds from a range of managers. There is a mix of sectors and allocation rates ranging from corporate bonds through to pure equity funds including Europe and mixed investment funds.

This is actively monitored and every quarter the portfolio is updated and holders advised of any proposes changes.

It is important to note that the funds within the portfolio have differing approaches to the Environmental, Social and Governance elements that underpin the sustainable arena. By choosing to blend the varying elements in the portfolio there is no specific thrust at any aspect of sustainability but rather gives a balanced style to investment.

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Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future values and that prices can fall as well as rise.

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